Developing a Rough Draft.

To complete this Written Response Assessment, you will submit a full rough draft for an argumentative essay that presents your opinion or proposal, the supporting arguments for your proposal, and a concluding paragraph that summarizes your argument and calls your audience to action. This Rough Draft will eventually become your final essay in EC1005 based on your local community issue. As you write, remember that you are moving away from a personal reflection on the issue to an academic essay based on a relevant local issue in your community. Therefore, this draft needs to be written in the third person, i.e. you should not state that “I believe…” but rather that “Research supports…”Follow these steps to complete your Assessment:Review your completed Assessment from Competency EC1002: Developing Coherent Sentences and Paragraphs.Review your Written Response Template from EC1003: Developing a Thesis and Outline.

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