Discuss how husbands and wives perform caregiving in later life.

Question: Discuss how husbands and wives perform caregiving in later life.

Prioritize course materials (study guide and textbook) for defining the concepts used in the essay. Pay close attention to study guide SU-2 (Chapter 3 and 4) and Textbook chapter 10 and Textbook page 405-406.

Please address the following points in the essay:
Examine the phenomenon of spousal caregiving in later life.

Analyse the gender perspectives in spousal caregiving in later life. You should discuss the gender similarities and differences seen in older husbands and wives in terms of their caregiving attitudes and behaviours. As well, compare the consequences older husbands and wives may experience from their caregiving roles.

Analyse at least one other significant social factor (e.g. culture, social class) that could affect the caregiving experiences of husbands and wives.

Apply any relevant theories from social gerontology to support your discussion of the points stated above.

Identify and appraise an existing policy/legislation that aims to support caregivers in Singapore. Discuss briefly how this policy/legislation could be improved to address the needs and challenges faced by older spousal caregivers.

Required readings
Study Guide Unit 2: Chapters 3 and 4
Chapter 10 of the course textbook, especially pp.405-406.
Chan, Angelique, Ostbye, Truls, Malhotra, Rahul, and Hu, Athel J., The Survey on Informal Caregiving. Singapore: Summary Report For MCYS. Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Singapore, 2011.

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