Discuss pedagogical foundations for social justice education.

For this week, you have viewed Professor Crenshaw’s video on intersectional and you will be reading Maurianne Adams’ chapter “Pedagogical Foundations for a Social Justice Education.″ Please view my annotation of the article attached here as a model for future annotations. In the chapter Adams outlines defines what she means by a Social Justice Education (SJE) pedagogy and discusses the goals of SJE. To do this, she describes the foundations from which this pedagogy has been developed. In this Mini-Essay place your experience at the center of your examination. Leaning on Crenshaw’s understanding of intersectionality describe how you identify (your identity in all its complexity). Then, think about your educational experiences (education in a broad sense as learning experiences). In your Mini-Essay, think about your own identity(ies) in relation to your intellectual development and education. Have you experienced the “traditional” form of education, which Freire describes as “banking education” (Adams 2016, 56-57)? If so, how has it shaped your intellectual development and the way you think about learning? Have you had learning experiences that seem to have been based on SJE principles? Describe one. How did it shift your perspective or world view, the assumptions you carry with you about yourself and the way you perceive yourself in relation to the context and culture in which you live and your approach to learning? Make sure you write an introductory paragraph with a thesis. In your essay, don’t forget to define the concepts you use from the reading, like “banking education” and ″social justice pedagogy.″ In your introduction, tell the reader what the essay will argue and foreshadow the three points you plan to make.

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