How will the sampling units be selected?

Promotional activities are a marketing method often used by various companies to attract more consumers. When Black Friday is nearing, most companies use a technique that gives people a sneak peek at their items by short videos such as commercials and ads to promote the items they will have on sale when Black Friday does arrive. Another big promotional activity that companies use is a countdown on their website or even included in a short video/ad to make their customers either have a time limit to purchase certain items or to make them excited about the countdown until Black Friday arrives. Countdown to make customers wait a certain time until they are able to get their deals makes them want it to come sooner and they will be looking up what is available in certain stores and maybe push them to either purchase it as soon as they can or wait in line and show up early so they have been one of the first few to be able to select what they want in a certain store.

My part of the research paper is the Sampling Plan.

Who will be sampled?
How big should the sample be?
How will the sampling units be selected?

The research project’s goal is to provide you hands-on experience in applying marketing research principles and procedures to a real-world situation. It is your responsibility to do an in-depth investigation into an issue related to marketing and provide your findings to the organisation that is dealing with it.

Executive Summary:
Including purpose of research/ brief background of the project

Secondary Research Review:
Existing secondary data on the question
Databases and search terms

Survey Research Methodology:
Questionnaire in appendix
What types of questions were used and why?
The rationale for the order of the questions

Sampling Plan:
Who will be sampled?
How big should the sample be?
How will the sampling units be selected?

Data gathering:
Process of how the information was collected
Description of How, When, Where, and by who it will be collected by
Data collection schedule
Description of quality control techniques during data collection

Data Processing:
Fake data file with at least 50 respondents using the questionnaire as data collection instrument
Show the client how the data will be analyzed

Statistical Analysis Plan:
How the data will be analyzed
How the information collected will be analyzed to help in decision making
Charts and graphs
Explain why each statistical analysis you recommend was selected

Describe what the client will receive at the end of the report
Will a presentation be included for the client?

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