what are the message in the advertisements?

Sexuality, The Media, and Older Adults
Watch a program on The Golden Girls, Grace and Frankie, Betty White’s Off the Rocker, Happy-ish or a similar program about older adults. You can also review products aimed at middle and older adults, what are the message in the advertisements? How is sexuality depicted among older women and men? How accurate is its depiction? What is shown about relationships between love/emotional closeness and sexual desire as perceived by women and men? Is this portrayal accurate? What are your own personal thoughts on aging and sexuality, what are some things you learned about aging and sexuality you did not know before this course?

Include the name of the program, movie, or advertisement regarding older adults and sexuality.
Discusses gender role stereotypes of adult sexuality throughout the lifespan
Discusses the influence of the media on sexuality based on the readings from the textbook
Includes at least one reference that is cited in APA format

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