What do you want the students to know and be able to do at the end of your unit of study?

Choose a topic/theme or focal point for your unit. You might choose loneliness, love, diversity, multiculturalism, national pride or a topic such as a season, water cycle, farm animals, and endangered species…the list is endless.

Copy and paste your state standard or Common Core literature standard that supports your unit (HAS TO BE FROM CALIFORNIA FOR STATE STANDARD). Using your state standard as your guide, write an objective. What do you want the students to know and be able to do at the end of your unit of study?

Then, find five books of five different genre for your unit. Genre: Picture Book, Poetry, Traditional Literature, Modern Fantasy (High Fantasy), Contemporary Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Biography, Non-fiction/Informational, Graphic Novel. Specific titles are not required, but a book from five genre is required. Each book should contain the following information: Genre, Title, Author, Illustrator, Age /Grade level, and a short summary.

Attach an activity (5 genre–5 books–5 activities) to each of the books/genre supporting your topic. For example, if you found a picture book depicting the topic of “bravery” a possible activity would be reading it aloud to the class, then having the class journal, tell stories about bravery, make their own picture book about bravery, draw a picture about a brave person, etc. Each activity should have the following components: Name, Objective, Procedures, Materials needed, and Accommodations for students with disabilities.

Design a closing activity to pull all your materials together and solidify the completion of your topic and objective. For example, students may write and illustrate their own book, create an I-Movie, design an anchor chart, create a brochure, etc. You may provide them with a choice of activities by creating a “Choice Board”. You may have them work in groups or as individuals. Again the possibilities are endless!

Attached is a sample of a previously submitted final project. You may use this to get ideas but you may not use any aspect of this sample in your own final project.

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