Describe Black Contemporary Artist.

Identify a theme, method or material relevant to contemporary art or design and survey 3 living, actively working/exhibiting, contemporary artists/designers that connect to this theme in a 5-7 page paper (double-spaced, 12 point font.) Do not select any current HSU faculty and staff. The theme, method or material should relate to your own art practice, but this paper should not include information directly about your own work. This is not a paper on your influences. Rather, this should be an opportunity for you to discover artists or designers you haven′t explored in depth before. For each artist/designer you select, you will need to utilize at least two sources from a trade journals, books (consider using interlibrary loan if needed), and/or the HSU library’s Articles & Databases in your research. This does not include websites, but you may include those sources in addition to the non-website based primary sources. Your paper should address: Only brief and basic biographical information The artists’/designers’ working methods Themes/content that the 3 artists have in common Methodologies and approach to art making / designing How these artists / designers relate to major trends in art/

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