What are some of the limitations of this evidence?

After reading the articles in the week, research a crime in which biological evidence was used. Summarize the evidence in the case and then focus on one type of biological evidence and the history of this evidence. How has the science behind this type of evidence evolved? What are some of the limitations of this evidence? What can this type of evidence prove or disprove to a jury? Make sure to name the case and provide at least one link to information about the case.
National Forensic Science Technology Center. (2013) A simplified guide to bloodstain pattern analysis.
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Hicklin, R.A., Winer, K.R., Kish, P.E., Parks, C.L., Chapman, W., Dunagan, K., Richetelli, N., Epstein, E.G., Ausdemore, M.A., Busey, T.A. (2021). Accuracy and reproducibility of conclusions by forensic bloodstain pattern analysts. Forensic Science International (325), 10.1016/j.forsciint.2021.110856
Smith, P.A. (2016). When DNA implicates the innocent. Scientific American.
Worth, K. (2018). Framed for murder by his own DNA. PBS Frontline.

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The scientific evidence used in this case is DNA. The history of this evidence is that it was first used in 1985 in a case involvi

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ng a rape and murder. The science behind this evidence has evolved over time, and the limitations of this evidence are that it can only be used to identify a suspect, not to convict them. This type of evidence can prove or disprove a suspect’s guilt to a jury.

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