Discuss Motivation and Employee Engagement.

Option #1: Organizational Behavior Paper ( Please use a hospital as previous work.
Consider the organization you currently work for or one you have been involved with in the past. Looking back at the organization, consider each of the bullet points below and discuss how they were handled by the organization. Include any changes you would recommend. Begin the paper with an introductory paragraph. In one paragraph per bullet point, discuss how each of these elements of Organizational Behavior played out at the organization.
1. Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
2. Motivation and Employee Engagement
3. Communication and Decision Making
4. Performance Management, Development, and Retention
5. Organizational Sustainability and Change
Conclude the paper with three to four paragraphs describing the state of the flow experience at the organization and how it might be changed for the better. Include a Conclusion paragraph to bring closure to the paper.

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