Discuss on song of the hummingbird.

Discuss on song of the hummingbird.″Song of the Hummingbird″ by Graciela Limon This essay is due Sunday, February 20th (2/20/2022) worth: 200 points if the essay fulfills all requirements and directions ″Song of the Hummingbird″ is a novel. A work of fiction. Much of the novel is based on actual events and many characters are real historical figures of that time. The novel does provide a counter narrative to mainstream history. Goals: – To summarize and connect ″Song of the Hummingbird″ to what we have learned in class and/or your life using scenes and quotes from the book. – Use scenes and quotes from the beginning, middle and end of the novel. Quotes should connect as support for your statements. – Use proper citations throughout. (Links to an external site.)You should use at least 3-4 quotes and or scenes minimum. -MLA proper in text citation format is required (Links to an external site.). – 4 full pages, not including Works Cited page – You should have a tutor look at the essay before you submit it to make sure it fulfills the requirements. Take this prompt to the tutor so they know what was asked of you. – Please proofread several times with others. – At the least, read it out loud to someone. Outline for ″Song of the Hummingbird″ Essay follow this outline Title: Essay: ″Song of the Hummingbird″ by Graciela Limon Paragraph 1 (P1) Intro: – identify the book, author, and some information about the book – summarize its main points in one to three sentences – summarize the ideas and topics you will be focusing on and connecting to other sources used in this course. – thesis Your thesis should include: your opinion on the book; the ideas that you will be focusing on and connecting to other sources used in this course. P2 TS: ″Song of the Hummingbird″ demonstrates ___________. – describe or use a scene or a quote – how have you seen this in other texts read in this course? P3 TS: I have seen how __________ like in ″Song of the Hummingbird″ is true. – Explain the value or lesson in your life that is also in ″Song of the Hummingbird.″ – use a scene or quote from ″Song of the Hummingbird.″ – discuss in what other text, used in this course, taught or demonstrated this value or lesson P4 TS: I really liked the lesson of ___________ in ″Song of the Hummingbird.″ – describe scene of quote – why did you like this? – how does this serve your life? – connect to another text used in this course P5 TS: As a student I see how ″Song of the Hummingbird″ can teach _________ and _______ to other students. – describe what ″Song of the Hummingbird″ can teach students about history or…. – use scenes or quotes – explain how you have seen this in action in your life. P6: Conclusion – Restate your Thesis* – give your recommendation on the novel: who should read it (elementary? jr high? high schoolers? adults?) when in their life should people read this book? – answer: I will remember most about this book ____________. I like the quote ____________. I will loan my copy of the book to__________ because _______________. Points will be give for: – Fulfilling the requirements and following the outline -proper MLA (Links to an external site.) -thesis -following directions – 4 page minimum, not including Works Cited page -using proper quotes and scenes -grammar and mechanics – being on time

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