rite a paper about the Religions of China and Japan

: Write a paper about the Religions of China and Japan

You are the Emperor of China. A group of dedicated political activists have barricaded themselves, along with a number of hostages, in a house in the capital. The group claims that you, the Emperor, have failed to fulfill the Mandate of Heaven (Tianming), and therefore, demand that you resign. Failure to comply with this demand, the group states, might result in harm to the hostages and destruction of the entire neighborhood.

You call a crisis meeting of your chief ministers. Among these advisors are Confucius, Lao-tzu, a Mohist and a Legalist. You tell each advisor that you want him to address the following questions:
Who constitutes the Good Ruler?
What are the criteria or standards the Good Ruler should use when making decisions?
How can this standard be used to make a decision in this crisis?
You will listen in turn to each ministers answers, and then decide which course of action to pursue.
Standing on the sidelines listening to all of this is a servant who is from Japan. After each minister gives his/her opinion, the servant politely bows and asks permission to give his opinion, which is from a Shinto perspective.

Write an essay in which you indicate what answers each of the advisors would give to the Emperor, and which position you, the Emperor, would adopt, and why. Keep in mind to answer this essay as a Chinese Emperor. This requires that you are mindful of the customs, society, and religious perspectives of the people of China.

Have fun w/ this one but remember it will be graded on accuracy of information given. Wise students will carefully explain the reasoning from each perspective.

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