Should the NHS be privatised?

Should the NHS be privatised?Against privatisation must include figurative language techniques like similes, metaphors fact and statistics must have an opening. Must include this – In fact, medical debt is the top reason that people, regardless of age, would contemplate cashing in retirement savings, and even then, raiding their long-term savings is frequently not sufficient. Separate research published this year found that 66.5% of all personal bankruptcies are tied to medical issues.It’s a dilemma that Bliss Butler knows all too well.Butler, 59, who lives just outside of Oklahoma City, lost her job at an area museum in 2013. Because it was difficult to make her COBRA medical continuation payments, she ended up uninsured.Then several health crises cropped up. First, Butler had a kidney stone, which needed a trip to the emergency room and a hospital stay, as well as a follow-up visit to a surgery center to remove a stent.Then, she broke her leg. Because she was still in debt from her previous medical bills, she avoided taking an ambulance. She had to have surgery and that came with a hefty bill for about $60,000.Another health scare, when Butler experienced heart palpitations, sent her to the ER again.Today, Butler admits she doesn’t know the full tally of her medical debts. Separate invoices appear with alarming numbers such as $36,860.75 and $19,881.58. She said “I have been working all of my life” What would you do if you were in her shoes?

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