What evidence would have helped you make the determination?

You are assuming the role of teacher in this exercise. A student submitted a paper in response to
an assignment in your class. A second student has come to you indicating he is aware the first
student plagiarized on this assignment. You ask a few questions to get a better understanding of
the accusations and you commit to investigating this charge. You will find the submitted
paper in this weeks module of your course. Your research shows the first highlighted area was
copied from Masciarelli and the second from Frisch & Green.
Your assignment (two separate elements):
Mark up the paper using proper APA methodology including needed plagiarism corrections.
How should the highlighted sections have been documented? Submit a corrected copy (using
Track Changes, All Markup, Show Markup, Balloons, Show All Revisions Inline). Also use
MSWord comments to add supporting documentation where needed.
Additionally, write a 900 word, APA structured (no abstract required) double-spaced summary
of your investigation. Did the student plagiarize? Presume you did not know the outcome going
into your investigation. What evidence would have helped you make the determination?
Provide examples of evidence in your response. How would you confront this student about the
plagiarism? Presume this is an online course. What would you say to the student? As part of
your response to the student, please list at least two (2) resources you would recommend to help
guide him/her to an improved product.
As this exercise is more applied, there is no need for scholarly resources

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