What forged your interests in the counseling field?

Preliminary Conceptualization of the Counseling Field Overview This is the first component of your course project. No one expects you to actually develop a professional identity in 10 weeks. However, you are expected to begin the process, deliberatively and reflectively, in this course. Most of the learning in this course focuses on developing your objective knowledge of the field, including the theories, roles, background knowledge, and characteristics expected of professional counselors. Your project adds the dimension of personal perspective. The Unit 10 assignment on your professional identity requires a summary and reflection on an in-depth conversation with a professional in the field. This experience will add perspective as you think about how your own professional identity in the field of counseling develops. For a discussion this week, you will schedule this interview and then indicate the name, title, and credentials of the individual and the date and time of the meeting. In addition, you will develop your preliminary conceptualization of the counseling field following the directions below. Directions Use the supplied assignment template and the other helpful links in Resources to write your paper. Read the full instructions for this assignment and the scoring guide before you begin. Then address the following areas or topics in writing: What forged your interests in the counseling field? What are some influences on your movement in the field? Why are you interested in this field? When you think of the field, do you conceptualize a specialization—an area, populations, or environments you might work in? Describe the concept of professional identity in the counseling field. How is our profession distinguished from others? What is unique about our focus and how we function in our roles? What do we offer that other professions don′t? What are some of the key transferable skills that you see from your other work, life experiences, or life roles that can help support your work in the field? What kind of work do you hope or expect to be doing after completing your Capella program?

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