What methods did they use to test their hypotheses?

Each of us, have encountered the effects of a homeostatic imbalance, i.e. a disease that has
affected our lives. These effects can have lasting impressions: the loss of a loved one can spark
of research career to eliminate a disease or may instill the passion to treat patients who suffer
from disease or ailments. While your experience may not have driven you to devote your lives
to curing a disease, many people have devoted their lives making the next step in the treatment
or prevention of a disease.
You will choose a current event/news (USAtoday, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Mens
Health, etc.) article published within the last 2 years that describes an advancement in
physiology (i.e. a new technique for treating a disease/disorder, a new pill, etc.). This topic
should relate to a system we cover in BIOL 2401. You will provide a 7 page minimum research
paper using no less than 2 original academic research article references (Review articles do not count).
These articles should be testing the new technique or treatment (etc.) discussed in your current event
article. The academic research articles will be published in academic journals like Journal of Applied
Physiology, Nature, Journal of Circulation, etc. They do not include Wikipedia, webMD, USAtoday, etc.
Academic research articles may be found by using the following search engines:
www.scholar.google.com (note: this is not google.com)
12 pt. font
Times New Roman
Double Spaced
1 Margins
Insert Page numbers in the bottom right
Use in-text citations as well as a
reference page.
Use APA citation style.
Suggested Lay-out
A. Title
B. Author
C. Background (use in-text citations)
a. An overview of the relevant human anatomy and physiology concepts
b. A purpose statement why youre interested in this topic
D. Description of the topic (use in-text citations)
a. What do we know?
b. Through what mechanisms does it work?
c. What do we not know? Why not?
E. Summary of Current Event Article (use in-text citations)
a. Summarize Current Event Article
F. Summary of Research Articles (use in-text citations)
a. What methods did they use to test their hypotheses?
b. How do those methods work?
c. What was learned from that article?
G. Discussion
a. How do these articles help address what we dont know?
b. What does it all mean?
c. Does your current event article make any leaps in knowledge or stretch the
conclusions of your research articles? If so, how?
H. References (Not included in the 7 page minimum)
a. Use Journal of Applied Physiology reference format

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