What Nuns are teaching us about Alzheimer’s?

Discussion Instructions: Please respond to questions #1 and #2. Click on the 3 dots above the discussion board page to view the rubric. Following the rubric guide will ensure you receive the maximum number of points.

Topic-Health Issues and Wellness strategies/ The Nun Study

Please read the article


1. What Nuns are teaching us about Alzheimer’s? Do you feel that this study will help researchers further understand the relationship between aging and cognitive disease? What were the findings of the Nun study? Did all the nuns get Alzheimer’s disease? Please mention the most exciting and vital point you took from this reading was?

Your response should be between 250. for number 1.

2. Share your thoughts on the CNN documentary Dementia Village (22 min video) on YOUTUBE.com
Do you think it would be possible to have a village-like that in the US (explain why or why not)? Please describe one patient in this documentary and list some features of Alzheimer’s disease you could observe from this patient (.i.e wandering, confusion, etc…).

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