What sorts of recipes are featured?

Book: The Blue Grass Cookbook(Available for download on pdf drive) double-spaced paper. Your paper should interpret the content of your cookbook and analyze what your cookbook reveals about Food and Heritage. Make sure you pay attention to how cuisine and food is related to community formation and power—ie how it is a process that is political. Strong papers include explicit quotes from the cookbook and analysis of the food/recipes it presents AND make clear use of course readings and/or concepts from lecture. Course concepts: Cultural Heritage, Survivance -adapting while maintaining culture, Food sovereignty, Contact zones -place where cultures meet, clash. Cookbook Interpretation Guide 1. Title of your cookbook: 2. Author(s) of your cookbook. This is often more complex than it sounds!: 3. When and where was your cookbook published? 4. Who was the intended audience of this cookbook? How was this cook addressed? As female/male? Rural/urban? Skilled/not? Young/old? Etc. Think carefully about this—there can be a gap between the addressed audience and the intended audience. 5. What was the specific purpose or mission of this cookbook? What type of cookbook is it? Why was it produced? 6. What kinds of ingredients appear in this cookbook? Does it feature ingredients that require going to a special store to acquire? 7. What sorts of recipes are featured? 8. Does your cookbook give advice? Anything else noteworthy or surprising about this cookbook? Links to other cultural values? Class/race indicators? 9. Interpretation: Write a sentence summarizing your understanding of this cookbook’s internal mission in its own context. 10. Analysis: Write a sentence summarizing how you more fully connect this cookbook’s mission to course concepts and themes.

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