When did you first start thinking about becoming a counselor? 2019 during the pandemic

Each section (box) must have between 250-350 words. There are 5 sections.
Section One: Tell us about your interest in becoming a clinical mental health counselor.
Please address ALL of the following points:
1. When did you first start thinking about becoming a counselor? 2019 during the pandemic
2. With whom have you discussed this and what were their reactions?
My father who is a psychologist. He believes it would be a good fit. I’ve also spoken to my program manager who has been very encouraging.
3. What personal experiences motivate you to want to help people?
I have been a classroom teacher for the last 15 years. Both teachers and students are overwhelmed and struggling to cope with pressures.
4. What client situations would you struggle to work with and why?
When clients espouse racist, misogynistic or homophobic beliefs. These are not beliefs that I share and I work actively to dismantle them.
Section 2: Imagine that you have been admitted into the CMHC program and are now a student in an internship. We all
have reactions to certain types of clients based on our own values and lived experiences. Below is a list of
situations. Please identify one situation that would challenge you the most and one situation that would
challenge you the least.
In your response, please indicate:
1. Why this situation would/would not challenge you.
2. Your internal, emotional reaction. Please be specific about your thoughts and feelings in your response.
Section: 3 Most Challenging: A client discloses that they pick up their child after school while under the influence.
I find this situation to be most challenging because, I am a child of alcoholic parents. Parents know driving while intoxicated is wrong and potentially harmful yet choose to do so anyway. My internal emotional reaction would be anger and frustration.
Least Challenging: A married, male client informs you that he is bisexual and says he doesnt know what to tell his wife of 3 years.
I feel this is least challenging because it appears as though he is willing to tell his wife but may need guidance in finding the words.

Section 4 Please describe a time when you were able to appreciate another persons point of view even if you did not
agree with the person.
In your response, please:
1. Identify what the other persons perspective was.
I have a co worker who strongly believes that white women have no business raising their own mixed race children because they are are raised as white. As adults, these mixed race children face the harsh reality that they are black and are not equipped to deal with racism.
2. Identify what you were able to appreciate in that persons perspective, not that you could
agree to disagree.
I realize that she has a perspective that I do not and that she is speaking from experience. She is also trying to protect mixed race children from the shock of mistreatment.
3. Identify what you learned from the other persons perspective.
I learned that there are complexities in raising a mixed race child including cultural differences and and how people of color are perceived and treated.

Section 5: Openness to feedback from instructors is an essential component of growth during a graduate
counseling program.
Below, please:
1. Describe a time when you received feedback that was difficult for you to hear.
As a teacher, I am observed by my principal several times a year. Last year, my initial evaluation stated that I should incorporate more types of media to engage more student.
2. What were your initial reactions?
I was angry and frustrated. I felt that my job was to teach, not to entertain.
3. How were you able to work through those initial reactions in order to act upon the feedback given?
I spoke to other teachers about what they were doing and discovered some easy ways to increase engagement.
4. What was the outcome?
It took more work up front, which is why I was initially frustrated. But, having multiple methods if delivery was successful in engaging more students. this meant less interruptions and more learning,

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