Write a Brief introductory paragraph that introduces the songs and the theories you intend to use in your paper.

Purpose: Think of a song and/or a set of lyrics that means something to you or that has influenced your life in some way, and use three of the theories outlined in the Your Final Research and Reflection Essay: More About the Music and Psychology Option (you must read this page to complete the assignment) page to explain how the music has influenced your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. This essay will build your terminology and understanding of concepts we have used throughout the course.

Writing Tasks:

Write a Brief introductory paragraph that introduces the songs and the theories you intend to use in your paper.
Write three stories (1-2 paragraphs each) with a set of song lyrics (4-8 lines) that accompany each story. See the example on the Your Final Research and Reflection Essay: More About the Music and Psychology Option page for guidance on parameters for these stories.
Write a 2-3 paragraph analysis of each of the 3 story/lyric pairings applying any 3 of the different theories from those explained on the More About the Music and Psychology Paper page (for example, Classical Conditioning, Observational Learning, Erikson’s Psychosocial Development, Kohlberg’s Moral Development, Piaget’s Cognitive Development, and/or Information-Processing Theory). This means explaining your application of one theory for each story/song pairing, but not using any theory twice. Pay particular attention to Part III: Analysis for guidance on choosing and applying a theory for each song.
A concluding reflective paragraph that describes 3-5 things that you learned about yourself as a result of exploring music’s influence on your psychological processes.
When referring to the text or another source, you can first use an in-text citation like “According to the OpenStax text (2020),” or “Spielman et al. (2020) describe….” Then provide the reference for your source(s) on a separate References page. Check APA Citation Help for examples on how to write different types of references. You can copy the reference below and insert a page number or numbers within the parentheses for the chapter text:

Spielman, R. M., Jenkins, W. J., & Lovett, M. D. (2020). Psychology 2e (pp. #-#). OpenStax. https://openstax.org/details/books/psychology-2e

Similarly, you should use the following format for your songs:

Recording artist. (Year of release). Title of song [Song]. On Title of album [Album]. Record label.

Here is an example:

Dacus, L. (2018). Night shift [Song]. On Historian [Album]. Matador Records.

When you’re finished with your essay (which is 3-4 pages/750-1000 words not including your title and Reference pages), make sure to re-read these instructions and the page of the option you chose to make sure you haven’t overlooked anything.


Your introduction lists the songs/artists and the theories/concepts you chose to explore, and your stories and song lyrics are clearly connected (i.e., detailed enough that the reader gets a strong sense of the importance of the lyrics).
Clarity and accuracy of your application of theory to your 3 stories/songs, with special attention to the incorporation of definitions and supporting details. Use at least 3 different Key Terms in each of your three analyses.
Your accurate application of 3 different theories for your three different stories/songs.
Depth of effort in articulating self-awareness through your exploration of music’s influence on your psychological processes.
You’ve included a References page and cited your sources correctly.

**** Write an organization outline of your entire paper using the examples on the Creating an Outline page. This step will require looking closely at the Music & Psychology Paper instructions and page – be sure to think through and fill in the sample outlines, adding bullets or lines as needed. These lines or bullets don’t have to be in full sentences, but it should be clear to your instructor what your stories are, what theories you’re using, and the points you’ll be making. The more detailed your outline, the more feedback and guidance your instructor will be able to provide to make sure you’re on the right track.
For your introduction, you should introduce your 3 songs/stories, as well as the different theories you’ll use to analyze them. For the remaining paragraphs, provide the 4-8 lines of lyrics from your first song, write about its story/significance, and draft an analysis of it.

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**if you need the link to the outline page, please let me know and I will send that as well.

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