Write a essay, in MLA format, about a person in whom you have an interest.

Write a essay, in MLA format, about a person in whom you have an interest. Select a person you admire. The person may be current or historical. Do not select a historical figure that you will need to research. Fictional characters are also permitted. ALTERNATIVE OPTION: You may choose to write a fictional short story in lieu of this assignment with instructor permission. Select several (2-4) traits about the person that you admire and write about these. These will be the essay′s main ideas. Biographical information should be used only to support claims. Your essay should focus on the traits you admire. Do not write a biography. Organize your main ideas to establish the essay′s pattern of organization. Your main ideas (traits) need to be clearly organized. Decide in what order you wish to discuss these main ideas (traits). This organization of ideas needs to be presented in your introduction, preferably as the last sentence of your introduction in the thesis statement. This establishes how your essay will be structured; follow this structure throughout the rest of the essay. Compose 5 well-developed paragraphs that support a clear thesis statement that is arguable. 5 paragraph minimum introduction paragraph three body paragraphs conclusion paragraph This essay is a basic form of an argument essay. The essay should make an argument such as that the person selected is worthy of admiration because of the traits selected.

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