Access the Research Center tab inside the course and then click on the first link Academic Search Complete

1. The Skeleton: Conduct light background research using high-quality websites to learn the basic concepts related to Civic Society (G. Almond and S. Verba), Democratic Peace Theory (E. Kant and T. Paine), and a Harmony of Interests (A. Smith and K. Marx) in the United States. At this stage, read with “metacognition” and reflect, grasping this basic information will allow you to understand the material before delving deeper. Prework: research only, no formal writing. Example of a reliable source: Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Peer-Reviewed)

2. The Muscles: Access the Research Center tab inside the course and then click on the first link Academic Search Complete. Reminder: there is a highly detailed course announcement explaining how to use this tool. Locate and properly cite a minimum of one scholarly source obtained via the research center tool to meet the bare minimum research requirements. Look down the list, the search tool uses AI and is a bit too smart. Writing suggestion: Introduction, with at least 2-3 paragraphs of content, and a source that has been properly cited (one per major theory or 3 sources would be within the norms).

3. The Brain: Based on the information provided in the leadership training and the formal academic research you have conducted, what is your assessment of the Citizens Campaigns stated goals of using a no-blame approach? Reminder: Stay objective, do not use first-person tones. This type of evaluation is known as a political efficacy calculation (PEC) and is commonly used in both political and economic decision-making. Writing suggestion: 1-2 paragraphs of well-structured and evidence-based analysis citing main ideas from the research gathered during step 2.

4. The Heart: Based on your personal learning experiences during this assignment, what are two major/overall takeaways (fully discuss each)? How will the information from this experience be useful to you in the near or long-term future, as a potential or actual voter, employee, employer, parent, student, etc.? Be sure to clearly establish the perspective you are speaking from and how the experience(s) can lead to meaningful action. No sources are necessary for this prompt only, just remember that first-person tone may not be used in any formal writing assignments in Political Science.

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