Describe presenting concerns and relevant history.

Diagnostic Skill Application II
For this assignment, you are provided with four video case studies (linked in the Resources). Review the cases of Julio and Kimi, and choose either Reese or Daneer for the third case.

Review attached transcripts in the files.

For each case, you will complete a diagnostic analysis you select from the list of assessment tools provided late in this assignment. Each case requires the following information to be addressed:

Describe presenting concerns and relevant history.
Explain what information has been provided in each case that helps to determine which disorders are appropriate for consideration (differential diagnoses) for a final diagnosis. Evaluate how at least one assessment tool, which is listed in the List of Assessment Tools resource, will aid in obtaining further information to back up your final diagnosis. The Differential Diagnosis Decision Tree may be helpful to guide this process.
Present DSM-5 and ICD-10 codes including relevant Z codes. Assume that the client has presented for treatment with their partner or parents.
Provide a descriptive rationale for the DSM diagnosis that best fits the information provided, including relevant ICD codes. This should be written in a narrative form using complete sentences. Support your rationale with scholarly sources. Optional readings found in the course syllabus may be particularly relevant.
Describe indications or contraindications that help determine whether a medication consultation is appropriate, and provide rationale with support from scholarly sources.

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