Explain the initial, transition, working, and final stages of groups and what you might expect considering the population you are working with.

Use the Week 7 Group Proposal Template [DOCX] to complete this assignment. The template contains detailed instructions. Write your assignment content in the template. Retain all the headings from the template, but delete the italicized assignment instructions after you have entered your content. Describe the following (1–2 pages): The target population and the need for your group. The proposed title of your group, and a group desсrіption and duration. Your approach to forming the group, including how you will recruit, screen, and select members. Include whom you might contact and how you will go about the process at your setting. Identify and describe at least two theoretical foundations for group counseling. Then select and provide a rationale for the theoretical foundation you will utilize as the basis for the counseling group you are forming. (1–2 pages) Explain how this will be an effective framework when working in your desired counseling setting. Assess your own theoretical orientation for group work, including an examination of how your theoretical orientation will benefit group counseling and group work. Identify different dynamics that may be associated with the group process and group development. (2–3 pages) Explain the initial, transition, working, and final stages of groups and what you might expect considering the population you are working with. Synthesize approximately four concepts that may include, but are not limited to, trust, goals, resistance, fears, and self-disclosure. These are examples; it is up to you to decide which issues you would like to consider when thinking about possible group dynamics for this group. Analyze your proposed interventions and how they may improve mental health and the social-emotional well-being of group members. (2–3 pages) Develop a statement of purpose and rationale for the group. Develop a minimum of three goals and measurable objectives for your group. Describe how you might monitor progress and measure the effects on the group. For example, perhaps, you targeted working with adolescents with generalized anxiety. You would state that your goals would be to have the participants reduce symptom distress and improve interpersonal relations and social roles. Discuss potential ethical dilemmas that may arise and how you might apply our ethical standards. (1–3 pages) Demonstrate your synthesis of the standards and how you might apply them in a group setting. For example, you might address concerns around confidentiality or dual/multiple relationships in group counseling. Demonstrate your preparedness by addressing approximately three possible ethical dilemmas. References should be made to 2014 ACA Code of Ethics [PDF], Association for Specialists in Group Work: Best Practice Guidelines 2007 Revisions, and/or ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors in your review. Evaluate multicultural considerations that are pertinent to your target population and group. (1–2 pages) Identify and detail the multicultural counseling competencies used to meet the cultural and social needs of the group. Utilize the Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies [PDF] (2015) and the Gladding textbook (page 176). Review the Foundations of Effective Group Work: Group Proposal Scoring Guide to ensure you meet the grading criteria. Remember to address each identified topic as shown in the scoring guide. Before submitting your assignment for grading, submit your assignment to SafeAssign, review the SafeAssign report, and address any issues identified in the report. Be sure to allow enough time to complete this step. Additional Requirements Your assignment should meet the following requirements: Written communication: Written communication is free from errors that detract from the overall message. APA format: Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA guidelines. The APA Style and Format resource can help with this. Length: 8–14 pages. Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point. References Gladding, S. (2020). Groups: A Counseling Specialty (8th ed.). Pearson.

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