What future research based on the findings did the author(

Article Critique

This writing assignment is intended to get you to think critically about research and to practice your writing skills.

This paper should be at least 1 typed page in length (12 pt. font, double-spaced with 1 margins). All writing in the report should be IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Copying from the article is an Honor Code violation and will result in you being charged with plagiarism. Please upload your paper to the location of the assignment on Blackboard.

Article Critique:

Pick an article that you are thinking of using for the Introduction to the Class Research Project; make sure it is from a peer-reviewed journal and that it reports original research (NOT a review of research by others). That is, this should be based on empirical research related to a topic you might use for your class term project. Turn in a copy of the article you are critiquing with this paper.

Write the report as follows:
1. You should write a summary of the article including:
a. A summary of the hypotheses and purpose for the study (5 pt.)
b. A brief description of the sample of participants (N, age, gender, etc.) (2 pts.)
c. A VERY brief description of the measures/materials used and the how the study was conducted (2 pts.)
d. A description of the results/findings of the study (you need not cite statistics; just summarize what was found) (3 pts.)
e. To what degree do you think they have established a causal relationship in their study? Why? (3 pts)
f. How would you interpret their findings? Is there anything about the authors interpretation you do not agree with? Why? (3 pts)
g. Write 2-4 sentences that summarize the study. This would be the sort of description you would use in YOUR Introduction for the Class Research Project (5 pts.)
2. After the summary you should answer the following questions:
a. What are the limitations of the study? (2 pts.)
b. What future research based on the findings did the author(s) suggest? (2 pts.)
c. What are the one or two questions you had about the research as you read the study? Elaborate on your questions. Your questions could be related to the limitations, directions for future, or the research area in general (3 pts.)

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