How does it relatives to each other and today’s world society and social media.

How does it relatives to each other and today’s world society and social media.Introductory Paragraph (200 words) Topic, lead sentence and summary The Asch experiment asked a group of young men to match lines on chart. The experiment was designed so that all of the participants would give the same incorrect answer except one participant. That one participant was confused by the other participants’ same incorrect answers, but second guessed himself and went with the group’s answer. The outlier participant conformed to the other participants’ incorrect answer. The experiment has been repeated endless times and 76% of participants conformed to the incorrect answer. They denied what they knew to be accurate and correct in order to conform to the group. In the Lumen Learning article, the author highlights that Solomon Asch concluded that there are “two main causes for conformity: people want to be liked by the group or they believe the group is better informed than they are” (1). paraphrase Asch found the results and implications of his experiment disturbing, especially because the experiment suggested that most people conform to group norms, standards, and expectations easily. Asch’s experiment “revealed that intelligent, well-educated people would, with very little coaxing, go along with an untruth,” and, therefore, Asch suggested that “real problems with the education system and values in our society” (1). Now, you’ll start critical thinking and conclude with your thesis statement. What are the implications of the Asch experiment? thesis statement Paragraph 2 Topic, lead sentence A compelling example of the costs of conformity and compliance in the short story “The Pedestrian.” Your emphasis is here in this paragraph is on text-based analysis and gentle nudge, remember, you are required to incorporate the following quotations: From the short story “The Pedestrian” #1 A metallic voice called to him. “Stand still. Stay where you are. Don’t move.” He halted. “Put up your hands!” “But,” he said. “Your hands up! Or we’ll Shoot!” The police, of course, but what a rare, incredible things: in a city of three million, there was only one police car left, wasn’t that correct? Crime was ebbing; there was no need now for the police, save for this one lone care wandering and wandering the empty streets. #2 Second section required in your essay – “Where are you taking me?” The car hesitated, or rather gave a faint whirring click, as information, somewhere, was dropping card by punch car-slotted card under electric eyes: “To the Psychiatric Center for Research on Regressive Tendencies” Word Count Goal for Paragraph Two: 200 words Paragraph 3 Topic, lead sentence A compelling example of the costs of conformity and compliance in the short story “The Cold Equations.” Your emphasis is here in this paragraph is on text-based analysis and gentle nudge, remember, you are required to incorporate the following quotations: From the short story “The Cold Equations” It was the law, stated very bluntly and definitely in grim Paragraph L, Section 8, of Interstellar Regulations: Any stowaway discovered in an EDS shall be jettisoned immediately following discovery. It was the law, and there could be no appeal. Word Count Goal for Paragraph Three: 200 words Essay Conclusion: Following your lead from class discussion Thursday February 10th. Prompt: In our own culture, what are the effects of social media on our willingness to comply and conform? Use specific examples and illustrations. Word Count Goal for the Essay’s Conclusion: 200 words Sources that may be helpful for the conclusion of your first essay: Please see the graph on the next page. We will discuss its implications in class on Thursday. I’ve excerpted the graph from the cnn interview with Tristan Harris. Hello Aida – I want to acknowledge your work here, and to let you know I have included your work in my Excel notes so that you receive credit for it towards your final course grade. I have also included your Discussion Board post at the end of this attachment. You have three distinct topics here and three distinct topic sentences. I have made them distinct by formatting them differently. Please see below. In the first paragraph, please review the second attachment that models the benchmark for the first paragraph in Essay #1. Also, take note of the grey highlighted sentence. You could use this sentence in the final draft but it needs to be included in a paragraph that focuses on the Asch’s experiment and a definition of conformity. The other two paragraphs that I’ve created out of the draft that you sent would work well in your concluding paragraph. In order to connect the two distinct topics in one concluding paragraph, you would need a transition or signal phrase such as “also, individuals conform to the police system because policing often involves brutality racial profiling, abuse, unlawful killing, and discrimination.” In the first Lumen Learning article, Asch is a decision-making experiment that tests how confederates influence the personal decisions of others. In today′s society conformity and compliance have played out on many occasions, especially in the education system. Conformity refers to the ability to follow an associate with a certain group of individuals, for example, scholars, police, or any other group in an individual. The education system has been blamed for pushing for a certain belief to the student. The education system has been blamed for hindering innovation among the student, while conformity plays a big role in preparing children for real-life outside school walls. The education system required the children to remain patient with their heads down and become successful executive members. Parents dream that their children will become successful academicians, good in sport. It does a household job when called upon to do so. However, the education system brings out the conflict between individuality and conformity. new paragraph, new topic sentence: At the same time, in teenagers, the teen begins to express themself and their individualism; they are confronted with the societal setting that requires them to conform to certain behavior installed to them. As a result of adherence to conformity set by society, and act as robotic, which end up costing their passionate, creative, smart, and lively nature. New paragraph, new topic sentence: The narrative also highlights the challenges of abuse of power within the justice system where police services have been accused of excessive force while handling normal citizens. Police brutality includes racial, abuse, unlawful killing, discrimination, and riots. Police brutality has been normalized as a police culture where individuals must fully adhere to their ruling. New paragraph, new topic sentence: The police system is part of a criminal justice system responsible for keeping law and order. However, criminal justice has been unlawfully used against citizens whose rights they are supposed to protect. So, here, you begin a new discussion with the bold and compelling thesis that the “criminal justice system is used against citizens whose rights it is supposed to protect.” This is a new topic and is different from the abuse of power in policing. Topic A: The abuse of power within police services. Topic B: The “criminal justice system is used against citizens whose rights it is supposed to protect.” Each of these are a distinct topic, and, therefore, should be developed as distinct paragraphs complete with concrete examples and further development. Life is a gift and everyone should have the opportunity to decided with the exemption like severe medical condition. Let nature develop and happen own it’s own, if is one thing we have a common is dying, and death will be a significant part of our life, does not mean or justify the right taking one person life to save another, who are you? To take anyone life away how would you feel? If we believed and obey by the principles should not be a puzzle when, making the right decision some choices can lead you to escape certain challenges for multiple reasons power, a job, security, money, and minorities.. etc I feel is because most people live for society than with in them self I understand can be cases where the person is incapable of making their own decisions and we forced to follow the rules for example a person who is on intensive cared for years and has to get disconnected, as much as we want to saved everyone we can’t is not enough equipment, staff, money, hospital beds and so on, with that being said each individual has their own believes on what they think is right and wrong and who say what we know and how we Brought up to believed is the right decision. This is the essay it just need some adding about cold equation and pedestrian just a bit of editing

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