What ought to be the proper role of Congress in Strategic Intelligence?

Please address one of the following questions in a 3-4 page research paper, complete with bibliography and citations. Be sure to demonstrate your command of the content, reasoning and logic, and above all you need a single main point in your introduction that is then substantiated and defended in the body of your paper. Please make your paper as professional as possible, with citations, cover page, etc.

Answer ONE of the questions below.

What ought to be the proper role of Congress in Strategic Intelligence? Is there a proper role in oversight of strategic intelligence activities, in ensuring that the policy expressed in budget and appropriations laws is being followed, in ensuring that the will of the people and the necessity of national security is being carried out properly by the executive branch of government?


Describe and explain the Church Committee hearings in the 1970s. What impact did it have on the U.S. Intelligence Community? If you choose this topic, here is one reference to consider: Schwarz, Frederick A. O. 2007. “The Church Committee and a New Era of Intelligence Oversight.” Intelligence and National Security 22 (2): 270-97. https://doi-org.ezproxy2.apus.edu/10.1080/02684520701303881

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General Requirements
1. Document Format.
a. MS Word document
b. One-inch (1″) margins (double-spaced)
c. Times New Roman Font
d. Twelve (12) pitch
2. Citation Format: The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2017 available online at: http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/home.html The Author-Date system is recommended.
3. Graphics are allowed and encouraged (but they don’t count on length).
4. Students must (1) employ imaginative approaches to answer the question being asked; (2) display an impressive command of the subject matter beyond the immediately obvious; (3) demonstrate a high level of critical thinking and reflecting on current and world views, and genuine intellectual development; and (4) excel in explaining all major points using multiple examples from the course readings or individual research.

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