What question do you hope to answer or what do you hope to find out? Have these question been addressed in literature?

Topic examples: (These are mere examples and students should expand on their topics through independent research and agree a final topic with the supervisor) Intellectual Property: 1. Critical discussion on current issues in relation to copyright defences (for example, in relation to the new fair dealing provisions for quotation and parody in the UK) or internet intermediary liability re. online infringement 2. Critical discussion on current issues in trade mark law (for example, on trade marks with reputation and dilution, or on the protection of colours) Property Law: 1. In an essay format, critically discuss the significance that the Land Registration Act 2002 had on adverse possession and how it has weakened squatters’ claims in obtaining land 2. Provide a report on whether the current legislation for land registration is sufficient. Should both the Law of Property Act 1925 and Land Registration Act 2002 be updated? 3. Consider in essay format, the key changes that the Land Registration Act 1925 made in England and Wales to land law Equity & Trusts: 1. Charities Act and Public Benefit requirement 2. Equitable principles for cohabiting couples in joint ownership cases compared sole ownership cases 3. Importance and usefulness of fiduciary duties of trustees under a trust 4. The power to vary trusts exercisable by beneficiaries and by the courts 5. Enforcement of secret trusts 6. The use of constructive and resulting trusts in establishing an equitable interestOR Any other topic of your choice, within the general law areas above, and provided this is agreed in advance with your supervisor. Contents – The Research Proposal should include: A clearly written research question (it could also be the title) and the objectives of your study, and key themes What is your topic? What is the relevance of researching this topic? What question do you hope to answer or what do you hope to find out? Have these question been addressed in literature? If so, in what way/how? (see point 3) The research methods and skills: Is your project legal, socio-legal, historical or comparative in nature? What research, time-management, organisational and other methods will you use to help you achieve your goal? Will you need to get training on certain software to be more effective (e.g. Westlaw Certificate, Zotero referencing)? Key sources you will be using and their application to/implication for the study (literature review): What key sources (books, cases, articles, reports, etc) will you be relying on and why? Why have you identified these as key to your research? What will they add to your project? An outline of the structure of your research project. This could be broken down into sections or chapters. Do not worry if it may changes as you write at a later stage – it is not set in stone. A timeline Set specific dates and deadlines to have specific parts of your project completed. Make sure to take into account your other responsibilities (family, work, study) so that the deadlines are realistic. N.B: This proposal is to be submitted via email as advised by your tutor & is 0% weighted (formative assessment only)  Hope the information is clear to you all & the to submit proposals would be 10th march 2022, if you need an extension to submit the proposal maximum we could provide is another 10 working days from 19th March 2022 onward .However if such is required please keep myself or your tutor prior noticed.  Thank you

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