Write a client-ready report in which you summarize the results of your TNA.

I have uploaded the assignment, there are six parts but we are focusing on assignment 2. The organization we have selected is McDonald’s. So if you could please complete this training analysis based on the fast food organization McDonald’s.

Select an organization and determine a training need.

Select an organization you can work with for the entirety of this project; in addition, identify a current organizational stakeholder who can serve as a point of contact. As a team, and in consultation with this stakeholder, identify an actual training need within the organization.

Conduct a training needs analysis

Conduct a comprehensive training needs analysis (TNA) based on the need you identified. The data you gather will be used to write a report, plan a training intervention, and create a plan for evaluating the training.

At a minimum, your TNA should cover the following topics:

Organizational Analysis

Organizational/departmental strategy, goals, and objectives
Key stakeholders
Training climate (e.g., organizational culture, resources, manager and peer support)

Task and KSAO Analysis

Essential job functions/duties/responsibilities
KSAOs needed for success

Person/Team Analysis

Desired performance standards or indicators
Employees current KSAOs/performance levels
Gaps between current and desired KSAOs/performance levels

You may wish to use a variety of methods when conducting your TNA. Examples include internet research (e.g., the organizations website, news articles about the organization, O*NET), stakeholder interviews, and surveys/inventories, among others.

Write a report

Write a client-ready report in which you summarize the results of your TNA. Your report does not have to follow the conventions of academic writing; the format is up to you. That said, professionalism matters.

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